Town Council meeting

Posted September 4, 2013 at 12:00 am

The total criminal code crimes was down by 30% compared to 2012 and was down 9% for the year (2013). Break and Enters were also down but criminal code traffic violations was up. The RCMP do not see this as a rise in traffic violations but that the officers are out catching more offenders. Four people were charged with impaired related charges last month. In the month of July, there were 161 complaints, up from the last month.

There has been good feedback from locals about the Nuisance and Unsightly Bylaw #717-2012. Councillor Gislason motioned for the second reading of Bylaw #717-2013. Councillor Campbell motioned for the third reading of Bylaw #717-2013.

Councillor Burridge motioned for the second reading of the Campground Bylaw #729-2013. Councillor Ahn motioned for the third reading of the Campground Bylaw #729-2013.

The first reading for the Electric Distribution Bylaw #721-2013 was given in January of this year. Councillor Campbell motioned for the second reading of the Electric Distribution Bylaw #721-2013. Councillor Gislason motioned for the third reading of Bylaw #721-2013.

July was a busy month for the Community Peace Officer. There were a lot of complaints in July. For a number of reasons, the peace officer dealt with 20 complaints. Last month the Community Peace Officer issued 23 tickets, including seizing a quad and dirt bike for having no insurance and no registration.

Residential meter rates will be coming forward in a September Council meeting. The Municipal Census has been completed; 63 homes were not accounted for due to the residence land lords being from Calgary. The unofficial number from the Municipal Census for Fox Creek was 2112. The Federal Census conducted earlier this year gave Fox Creek a population of 1969. In the previous census, the number counted was 2278. More on the Municipal Census will come in December. The numbers have been submitted to the Federal Government and the MD of Greenview is waiting to hear if the numbers will become official.

The Forensic Audit still continues although there has been no further information provided at this time. The Town of Fox Creek signed off on a land sale agreement for 22 acres. As of August 19, there were forty (40) businesses waiting for land still.

Election day is coming quickly. October 21 is Election Day in Fox Creek.

One firm has been cut off from using potable water due to overuse. Three water valves were replaced. Applications for the pool are coming in. Due to bursts of rain, the completion of the Spray Park has struggled. Once the contractors are done, it will take approximately three to four days to get the services in. The Acting Director of Operations is still working out the details of the new trail which will be in use by the Light Horse Association. The president is happy with the new trail.

Blue-green algae is still at Iosegun Lake and is expected to be there till the end of the season. Signs of green algae has started at Smoke Lake, however no official advisory has been issued yet, due to waiting on Alberta Environment to arrive at the site.

The Fire Department received 15 calls in the month of July. Since the explosion at Pembina, there have been couple incidents since. Due to a member leaving Fox Creek, the Fox Creek Fire Department is down one member. The Fire Fit team went to Edson to compete the weekend following the meeting.

The explosion at Pembina was a fire explosion which resulted in injuries to two people. STARS was called in and took one patient from the airport.

On September 15 at the Fox Creek Skate Park, graffiti artwork will be done by locals. Abigail Fougere explained that the pastel facing outward won't distract drivers and this project would foster respect by its users. Concern was brought up by council stating that if the Skate Park is completely closed it, that it could foster bad behavior. Discussion was held about hanging some boards on the fence (back wall) and also allowing the people who attend to do artwork on the ground. Fougere expressed her excitement that council suggested that the ground be painted as well. The Community Resource Centre (CRC) will be providing the canvases, music and entertainment. Councillor Gislason motioned that council approves the artwork project at the skate park, with the cost to be expended from the Community Resource Centre budget.

Councillor Campbell motioned that council accepts the Royal Canadian Legion #280's donation and give them permission to plant a Weeping Birch or Weeping Willing Tree as well as place the small memorial sign at the Cenotaph area. This is to be placed in commemoration of Mr. Robert Marple.

Council approved a temporary drill camp for a maximum time of three (3) months at the Airport. The camp will consist of three (3) buildings to do work at Iosegun Lodge (north of town) and install a water line from the camp to the Town of Fox Creek.

The next Town Council meeting is September 3 at 6:30pm in Council Chambers.